Global IT services market is expected to grow to nearly US $ 1,010 bn by 2008. IT Industry is at the top of India's National Agenda as an instrument and a model for Modernization of India's Economy. Indian Software Industry as grown from US $ 150 mn to US $ 3.9 bn in 1999.Revenues of Indian Domestic Software market are expected to reach US $ 35 bn by 2008.Indian Software Industry's exports are expected to reach US $ 6.3 bn by 2000-2001 and US $ 9.5 bn by the year 2001-2002.In the last 5 years the Indian IT Industry has recorded a CAGR (Compounded Annual Growth Rate) of 56.3 %.India commands 18.2% market share in the global cross country customized Software.

Our unique advantage
Software :-

  • Largest pool of scientific manpower
  • English speaking
  • High quality of Indian Software
  • Low manpower costs


  • We can provide interviews through video conferencing.
  • Conduct written test for the companies.
  • Arrange campus interviews.
  • Conduct interviews at national level - video conferencing.
  • Give video recording of the interviews and then the company can make final selection for personal interview.
  • We provide manpower that can go to companies for conducting selection process.
  • Provide personnel for interviews in different locations.
  • Business and technical expertise.
  • Concentrated our resources on the core technologies.
  • We have extensively trained professionals with management and technical background and believe that Superior knowledge base is the foundation for unmatched support.
  • Our exposure to clients in many industries has allowed us to develop an in-depth business understanding.
  • We have meticulously developed Active Databank of Qualified & Quality Professionals and have our network in various cities to meet clientís urgent and specific needs through Headhunting.
  • We recommend only those candidates who have been screened for their skills, attitude, expertise & expectations to match the organizationís requirements.
  • The expertise of our qualified professionals in Psychometric Tests, Personality Profiling (MBTI), Assessment Centers and Emotional Intelligence helps us in understanding quickly the uniqueness of each candidate and facilitating the ideal matching. If required we can also administer these tests and supply the reports to clients.
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