By the analysis of our experts in the field of File Management of Store it has been observed that upping the data pertaining to records besides being a laborious job is bound to be damaged/mutilated with the passage of time. A lot of space is required to keep statutory records for a specified time for statutory requirements. A specific data in its life requires to be handled a number of times for official jobs, which destroys the original shape of the documents. By deep analysis it has been noted that a specific data is required for viewing purposes only

Case Study

Our professional had visited more then 35 companies and different department of these companies then we collected following data.

Companies Visited: 35


A. Finance: We had made an analysis over 5000 Files in the finance department where we found that 90% Of the total files are stored for the statutory Requirements, 5% files are used for day to day work and 5% files are still not in used for the last 5 years
B. HR: We had made an analysis over 10,000 Files in which we found that approximate 5% of the files has been used for Day to day purpose and 20% of the files are used for statutory requirements like PF , ESI , Income Tax , EDLI etc.7% to 10 % Files are used for promotional purposes and annual increments which has to be used once in a calendar year. Remaining remains unused or are required once a while

C. Store and Materials : We had made an analysis over 2000 files in which all had used for a specific period of time after that they had to be maintained just for maintaining it and not for use or are required once in a while.


Means Electronic Record Administration and centralized knowledge system. As per the analysis of the fact given above we have designed and developed the software. This system is solely web-based solution, which can be accessed from anywhere in the world. Basically this system is used for managing the record data in the organization through scanning of the data and storing it in e-form.

Flow Of the System

System starts from login where only the authorize user can access the system. Login can be made by the access card also. After that user has to define the various masters like Company, Unit, Store Department, locations, Racks etc. .Now the main process comes where user has to register their documents in the system for that first of all user has to register the physical files in the system. The system will generate a bar code for each and every file this facility is optional but recommended for faster access. After that the time comes to register the physical data i.e document of each and every file. Each and every document has to be scanned. At the time of scanning of document system will generate the Bar Code for each and every document which will be pasted on the document for fastest access. By this way all the document are registered in the system. Now any user can access this document through WEB by valid user id and password.

A. System Provide Following Process:

B. Master Definition.

C. File and Document Registration Process.

D. Physical File Verification Time To time.

E. Access rights for each and individual documents.

F. File Issues Process.

G. Report Generation.


1. Fully Web Based solutions can be access from anywhere in the world.

2. Easy to Use.

3. Cost effective in terms of Manpower as well as time saving in the work response and reduce the File movement cost up to 0%.

4. Can maintain unlimited data over the web as well as LAN based environment.

5. Centralized database.

6. Manage the store for physical file in electronic form.

7. Any file or document can be viewed directly from the system.

8. Easy to locate the file using Bar Code Reader and Printer.

9. Access rights to the Store as well as viewing of the files using assess card as well as valid user id and password.

10. Easy to upload, download, view and print the document/file.

11. Data is always available in the original form of the document and can be printed any time in the same format.

Peripheral Devices

1. Bar Code Reader

2. Bar Code Printer

3. Access Device May be Thumb Impression or Access card

4. Scanner

Cost Analysis In terms of Financials and Time

1. System takes approximate 3 Second to scan and Upload the document to the web.

2. System takes Fraction of second to locate the files with the help of Bar Code.

3. Recurring cost is very low.

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