E-Pays - The need for development of this system arose after detailed analysis of the pay processing in various organizations preparing pay on manual basis and through systems. It was observed that the manual preparation of salary was very labor oriented and time consuming. If the salary is to be disbursed to the employees on 30th or 31st of every month the processing has to be started from 20th of every month if the strength of the organization is 400 employees or much earlier if the strength is much higher. Similarly in the case where the salary is processed through systems a need of the software agency is required at the end of the each financial year to amend income tax/professional tax changes which tend to change at the end of each financial year.
Flow Of the System

The system developed by us works purely on employee basis. Various reports like department wise, designation wise, cost center wise, unit wise and company as a whole for preparing management information system of HR Payments can be prepared with just selection of preference. The data of payment to employees is kept in two forms i.e. payments in the nature of fixed payments which remain unchanged throughout the year and variable nature which changes every month and takes care of temporary adjustments like absence in a specific month, monthly incentives, change in dearness allowances, etc. The processing of salary of approximately 2500 employee with approximately having minimum of 100 components can be completed in just a day in which variable changes are punched in the system and rest is left to the software to process the entire payments including printing of salary slips of the employees, preparation of data in the form of Salary Voucher and Journal Voucher to be uploaded in the systems and to be forwarded to bank for crediting the salary of the employees in their respective accounts. The system also calculates Income Tax of the employees on monthly average taxation system as required by Income Tax Department.


1. Our system does not need the help of software experts at the year end and Income tax changes of the year can be done by the user by selecting any change in the taxation slabs, alteration in the tax saving components, etc.

2. Low Processing Time

3. Define and Use facility means define the component and its formula system will automatically pick the formula and process it.

4. Implementation time is very Low

5. All statutory requirements are up to the mark.

6. Fully web based solution , which can be access through any where in the world. Means each and every report is available on web like Pay slip , salary registers , Salary Summary etc.

7. Monthly auto taxation Processing.

8.Lowest time in data entry as every where Upload screens are there where we can upload the data directly.

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